Candy Crush Saga = Best Puzzle Game for Android

Yeah, that’s correct! Candy Crush Saga is the Best Puzzle Game for Android without any doubt! It starts with easy challenges but as you keep finishing the levels, the upcoming levels bring more and more complex challenges!

I was playing CCS for 1 complete year and still was stuck at level 87. Then a friend told me about this site where players can download Candy Crush Saga Mod APK for free. Actually this is a hacked version of game which offers free lives and boosters. Continue reading Candy Crush Saga = Best Puzzle Game for Android

Interview with Umer [Top Interent Marketer]

Umer is a seasoned pro in the world of internet marketer. He is not the type of guy you will see at IM conferences or getting featured at big time blogs. He likes to stay in the shadows mainly because of his love for black hat tactics and methods. Today, we got a chance to have a quick interview with this genius – Let’s start folks!


Tell us a little about yourself?

Not a lot of people know me, but those who do know what I am capable of. I am the guy who sends spam comments, rank websites day-in, day out and just hustle my way to internet riches. You can get me on my blog @ Umer Aslam.

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